Value selling self-assessment

Still wondering if DecisionLink is right for you? Take the free quantified value proposition self-assessment below to find out.

Designed to assess whether you need to reconsider your approach to value propositions, please answer each question by selecting one of the options available.

1. Our turnover is increasing

2. But not at the expense of profitability

6. The Closure Rate is improving and we have evidence of the percentage increase

7. We rarely have to discount, as our customers know the value of what they buy from us

8. Our value propositions consider the combined effect of all external factors that have an impact on the customer

10. We can clearly state the reasons customers should buy from us rather than from competitors and can prove the financial            impact on the customer's bottom line

11. We have strong proof to substantiate this

Self-assessment Results

A significant number of "Partly agree", "Do not agree" and "Don't know" answers above indicates that you may have a lot of work to do on your quantified value propositions.

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