Why is selling value important?

According to McKinsey and our own work and research over many years, everyone talks about value propositions, but only 5% of organisations have them and even fewer are quantified financially.

Any supplier who can quantify financially how they can help their customers grow their profits will always succeed, no matter how difficult the market conditions. 

Watch this short video from our partners Decision Link for a summary of what this approach and software can do for your organisation.

Only a  small percentage of companies have quantified Value Propositions and developing them will differentiate your company. Even if a supplier has LITTLE differentiation, the very act of quantifying the benefits, even if they are standard benefits, will give you an advantage over your competitors.

  1. You will close more deals, typically an additional 2% to 10%

  2. The sales cycle will be reduced by 10% to 25%

  3. It will help to reduce discounting by 20% to 30%

  4. Make marketing campaigns more productive

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